40 weeks, eeek!

Happy due date, little man!! I’m incredibly guilty of doing too much – especially at 40 weeks pregnant. I’m so bad at sitting still and relaxing! Today marks Day 7 of my maternity leave and Dave was texting me from work all week making sure I’m taking it easy and not pushing myself too hard. I can’t lie to the guy, so I’ve been doing exactly that. Thank GOODNESS for chocolate chip cookies and Criminal Minds reruns ALL DAY LONG. And blog posts – both to write AND to read.

Aside from the normal 40 weeks pregnant aches and pains, I’ve been feeling pretty darn good. Sleepy and starting to get a little extra emotional, but overall, good! 🙂 I’ll spare you the details of the progression of my pregnant self, but from my last two appointments, I’ve been getting closer and closer to my body being ready to get the little guy out. That’s SO cool! But…

Holy. Crap.

We’re ready. He’s ready. But woah. Our little baby will soon be out of my belly and in our arms. You can’t blame me for all the extra emotions, can you?

All that said, we decided we’d better get a few photos of this belly taken before it’s gone. 🙂


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