4th of july.

I’m taking a break from packing to give you a fun little timeline on how our 4th of July camping trip went.

July 3rd:

  • 2:30PM – Left Colorado Springs with a packed up car and the dog on my lap. Gunnison, Colorado, here we come!
  • 2:30 to 6:15PM – What a lovely drive!
  • 6:30PM – Arrived at the campground… right in the middle of community meal time! HELLOOOOO, 179 people & 42 dogs gathered in the parking lot.
  • 6:35PM – Campground Owner: “Welcome! It’s just a free for all out there, put your tent anywhere there’s room on the grassy area right in front.” Us: “uhhhh, there doesn’t appear to be any room on the grassy area.” Campground Owner: “Oh yeah, there’s room for a tent out there. ENJOY!”
  • 6:45PM – 10 minutes spent in the car contemplating our next move.
  • 6:46PM – Pull up to grassy area and are given the evil eye by lady who proceeds to move her fold up chair to the middle of the only space left on the grassy area.
  • 6:47PM – Get out of car and approach territorial lady: “Soooooo, I saw you moved your chair to the only available grassy spot as soon as you saw us pull up. Can I just ask what your plan is here? Where do you plan to set up your tent?!” Lady: “We’re setting up our tents in this whole spot. This spot is ours.” Me: “Oh. The entire spot? Well, we just paid for a spot and now there’s no room.” Lady: “My niece is coming, sooooooo. And we actually reserved our spot months ago.” Me: “Well, we did reserve and pay for our spot, as well. Do you have any suggestions what we should do?” Lady: “You can go set up next to the fire.” (Side note: Said fire was a community fire with approximately 10 people already huddled around, and really, why would you ever set up a tent next to a fire?) Me: “I think we both know that we can’t set up our tent next to the fire.” Lady: “Well, too bad. This is our spot. We were here first. Figure it out.” Me: “uhhhh, okay. Bye.”
  • 6:50PM – get “upgraded” to RV site at no extra charge by Owner who had already been yelled at by territorial lady.
  • 6:51PM – squeeze our way through campground roads covered with giant RVs and trucks.
  • 6:55PM – set up tent on RV site, no more than 10″ from neighbor RV’s sewer line. It was the only place with grass.
  • 7:15PM – pack up the dog and head into town for food. So hungrrry!
  • 7:45PM – return back to campsite with delicious supper from Sonic.
  • 7:46PM – open Sonic bag, see entirely incorrect order, proceed to split one hotdog, fries, and mozzarella sticks. Still so hungry.
  • 7:50 – 9:00PM – sit in tent and wait for Dan & Britnye!
  • 9:00PM – leave Brody in the tent to go say HI & WELCOME to friends.
  • 9:30PM – Dave heads back to check on Brody, hears him barking, begins sprinting toward tent. (Side note: Brody doesn’t like other dogs and gets realllllllllly excited around other people.)
  • 9:33PM – Dave endures yelling and cussing by angry neighbors and finds other neighbor digging through our tent.
  • 9:40PM – Dave returns to Dan & Britnye’s cabin in a daze. We decide it’s soon bed time.
  • 10:00PM – Sneak back to tent, as to avoid any further angry camper confrontations.
  • 10:00-11:30PM – laugh so we don’t cry. Then sleep.

July 4th:

  • 8:30AM –  after much thought, tell Dan & Britnye that we (and mostly Brody) should probably just go home.
  • 12:30PM – take last minute detour to Eleven Mile State Park & find off road camping area. Set up tent.
  • 2:00 – 3:00PM – parked at Walmart and ate PB&J in the car; meet up with other friends Matt & Claire; drive in the rain back to campsite; find campsite over run by rowdy family with nearly 14 children; choose new campsite.
  • 3:15PM – set up new campsite!
  • 5:00PM – so hungry! Prepare food for grilling annnnnd find that the grill doesn’t work.
  • 5:30-7:00PM – Dave & Matt drive to town for new grill. Claire & I chat about girl things.
  • 7:30PM – EAT! Yummmy!
  • 8:00PM and on – see photos. 🙂 And endure all the neighbor children riding their dirt bike and 4wheeler (who knew you could actually fit 7 people on an ATV…) and listen to music through all hours of the night.


Despite the many mishaps, fun was had by all. 🙂

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