a change of address

I am a small town South Dakota girl. I grew up smack dab in the middle of my Grampy’s corn field and I love the smell of gravel roads. I went to school in the same building for 12 years, and can name every single person in my graduating high school class. I went gopher hunting and fishing, picked asparagus from ditches, and never worried about making sure the front door was locked. My hometown has no stop light and one main paved road. Everyone knows everyone. Literally.  I think there’s something special about seeing nothing but crops for miles and miles, and the utter darkness and quiet of a rural South Dakota night will forever amaze me.

All that said, it’s time for something new. This heart belongs in the mountains. It’s true. The towering peaks and crisp air have this way of bringing me back, so to speak. Nature’s beauty is both calming and exhilerating, and it has this way of screaming the reminder, “I am God! I am everything and everywhere! And I am with you!” I need that reminder often, and finding myself surrounded by the overwhelming beauty of the Rocky Mountains is the perfect dose of spiritual medicine.

Dave and I spent our 4th of July holiday adventuring and sleeping under the stars in Colorado. This was only the third time I’ve visited, but yet it feels like home. A new home. We hiked, grilled delicious food, spent time with family, and thoroughly enjoyed some calm before the craziness the rest of the summer and early fall will surely bring. We searched for and found the perfect little home in the most adorable neighborhood to begin our lives together in.

Beginning in September, life and love will take us to the beautiful Colorado Springs!! I truly couldn’t be more excited. 🙂

I spent my first 26 years as a South Dakota girl. It’s been so good me. I don’t know exactly what the future will bring, but at least for now, I get to spend the next however-many years as a Colorado girl. Maybe even a Colorado woman. I think I’m ready for that new title. South Dakota, you molded and taught me, and I’m so thankful for that. Colorado, look out! Here I come! 🙂

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