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2016 EDIT: We’ve missed a Christmas video the last couple years, so here’s a throwback to our very first Christmas in Colorado. 🙂 We’ll be putting together a new Christmas film this year, and I can’t wait to show you!  OH, and note that this post is two years old. No, we’re not moving again. Yes, I’m still in love with Christmas time. xo




It’s nearly time for CHRISTMAS!

Since we’ll be moving A G A I N right after Thanksgiving (woah, WHAT?! More another day.), we won’t be able to do any decorating until December this year. GASP. The horror. If you know me at all, you understand how this pains me. Because of this, I’m going to continue reliving our magical Christmas adventure from last year. Here’s a video! Only 11 months late. 🙂

“Sometimes I wished I lived in a snow globe
Where the wind blows
It’s wonderful
And every single time that you shake it
You’ll make it
So beautiful”

It felt a little like that when we went to get our first Christmas tree together last November. Magical & idyllic. 🙂

We cut it down. From the forest. We actually drove into the national forest with our little hack saw and cut down our Christmas tree. Reason number 12,789,702,346 why living in Colorado is SO COOL. We had a little trouble with our spatial relations – the “little” tree that was PERFECT in the the forest was actually over 3 feet too tall for our living room. Oops. No problem, though, we just chopped off the bottom! All 3 1/2  feet of the bottom. We also didn’t notice the huge limbless gap in the middle of the tree. Again, no problem! We just took one of the branches from the bottom and drilled it into the tree. No more hole!! That limb didn’t even die. Success.

Here’s a glimpse of our snowy adventure – maybe you wish you lived in a snow globe, too. If nothing else, maybe you got a laugh at our “perfect” tree. Until next year. Or rather, this year. 🙂

Song by my dreamboat Matt Wertz.

Film by Dave & Shanna. PS. This was my video editing debut. Go easy on me. 🙂

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