a shower for little man mccann

I had to say “see ya later!”- for 11 long months! – to one of my dearest friends on Monday. Katie will be embarking on the most challenging and incredible adventure, joining the World Race to do mission work in 11 different countries over the course of the next 11 months. I’ll be praying for this sweet girl’s safety and that the Lord will use her in beautiful and courageous ways. I’ll be praying that these 11 months will shape her in ways which she cannot even fathom, and I know that all whose paths which she cross will be better for having met her.

I’ll also be selfish and wish like crazy she could be here to meet our little man when he’s born. He’ll be SIX MONTHS OLD by the time she gets back. Blaahh. I can’t think about it.

Like any good mother-to-be, I promised to delay his development until she’s back – just so she doesn’t miss anything important. (Guys. I’m totally KIDDING. JOKING!)

Before she left, Katie hosted the most wonderful baby shower for our little boy. We got to share our new home with a few of our closest Colorado friends, all in celebration of the tiny little miracle growing in my belly. Dave and I both feel so fortunate to know such generous and wonderful people. Katie, the party-planner extraordinaire, left no detail out and blessed us with the most perfect party – complete with NO weird baby shower games. 🙂 That girl knows my heart.

My only regret? Not taking more photos. Oh, and horizontal stripes. Holy belly, mama.


IMG_3368IMG_3383IMG_3393To follow along with Katie’s journey, bookmark her blog!

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