a snowy photo shoot

Because it’s been in the high 60s (even reaching SEVENTY DEGREES on Saturday!) in February, I thought there was no better time to bring it back to winter. C’mon, Colorado, get your act together.

Haha, just kidding. I sort of love it. Okay, more than sort of. Like, A LOT. To all my South Dakota, Chicago, & Boston friends and family – we’d love to have you come visit any time. 😀

Okay, back to it. I had a small list of goals for our week long trip back to South Dakota over Christmas:

  • Catch up with (what felt like!) about a million different people. CHECK.
  • Go to an Embrace Christmas Eve service. CHECK.
  • Rifle through what my mom kept of my brother’s baby clothes and books, and then beg him to let me borrow some of them for our little man. CHECK CHECK.
  • Deliver a handful of custom orders in time for Christmas gifting. CHECK.
  • Spend an AMPLE about of time with my parents, brother, and grandparents. CHECK. CHECK. CHECK.
  • Relax and not do a darn thing. SEMI-CHECK.
  • Annnd, have a snowy photo shoot. CHECK!!!!!

It wasn’t looking good for snow the entire week we were there, unttiilllll the blessed snowy angel fairies decided ENOUGH was ENOUGH,and dumped several inches on us the last full day we were there. I literally squealed with joy when I looked out my childhood bedroom window that morning. 🙂 I told Dave to style his hair extra nice, grabbed my favorite brother, and we all took about 5 steps out my parents’ front door for our 5 minute photo shoot. It wasn’t much, but boy, was it sure beautiful.

These are my favorites. 🙂 Thanks to Corey & Dave for the photo taking and to Dave for the photo editing. No thanks to me – I’m photo inept. CHEERS!

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