an earth day birthday, Neeson turned ONE!

My little Earth Day birthday boy turned ONE on April 22. Surrounded by the sweetest family and friends, we celebrated our nugget Neeson with cake, gifts, and lots of squeals.

This boy brings so much joy to everyone around him. He is sweet and charming, funny and quick, and kind far beyond his [now] 1.5 years. We couldn’t love him more.

Happy birthday, again (8 months later), Neeson Foley. xophoto-apr-23-12-52-39-pm2016-04-23-15-40-062016-04-23-15-41-062016-04-23-15-42-112016-04-23-15-43-01photo-apr-23-12-52-29-pmphoto-apr-23-12-51-05-pm2016-04-23-15-432016-04-23-15-44-062016-04-23-15-44-102016-04-23-15-45-012016-04-23-15-45-042016-04-23-15-45-062016-04-23-15-47-012016-04-23-15-46-07

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