lessons in baking cookies

Let me preface this by saying I am probably one of the world’s worst bakers. Seriously. I am awful at baking.

Early on, after we had just moved to Colorado, I complained to my Gramma about how “hard it is to bake in this altitude” and then outlined all the issues I was having. Turns out you actually need to mix the ingredients in the order specified. She was awfully embarrassed for me, I think.

I can cook decently – as long as a crockpot is involved – and I’ve mastered some mean scrambled eggs. Baking, though, especially in this altitude (okay, that’s a fake excuse, but whatever), is not a strength.

I am a true domestic failure.

Now, Neeson literally BEGS me to bake cookies. He hasn’t caught on yet that I’m not very good at it. He loves helping me gather all the ingredients and pour in the flour and sugars. He helps mix & stir, and always asks to crack the eggs – which, 9 times out of 10, is a huge disaster. The best part of all, though? Licking the beaters and sneaking some dough. I can’t help but agree with him there.

We snagged these beautiful ceramic measuring cups from Graced, and I couldn’t wait to put them to good use. They are perfect for little helping hands and SO MUCH prettier than our old plastic & stainless ones. I’m so thankful for the continue opportunity to learn and grow through my work with Graced – all the beautiful product sure doesn’t hurt, either.

Motherhood teaches and stretches, fills and drains me every single day. I’ve never been happier and never been more exhausted and overwhelmed. Every day I learn more about what it means to be a good mother to our boys – most days (okay, some days) I feel I am moving in the right direction, but every single day I am tested.

So much of being good for them is a choice, it doesn’t always come naturally for me. I need to choose to be present – that means putting down the phone and computer, forgetting about work and my to do list, getting down on the floor and playing trucks or dancing in circles to Blippi songs.

I need to choose to slow down and I need to choose to be patient. I could sneak into the kitchen and quickly throw together a batch of cookies while N’s playing on the iPad – they’d sure get finished quicker and with far less mess (and probably the accurate amount of brown sugar, too… maybe). But, I’m working on choosing to be present and patient with them, so in this case, that means plopping Neeson on the counter and letting him help me make cookies. He just wants us to be together – he doesn’t expect perfection, not in me OR the cookies.

Thank God for the grace of a child.

I intended for our cookie baking moments to be learning opportunities for him – I would teach him how to measure accurately and stir slowly – but instead they’ve been teaching me. I’m learning how to let go of this ridiculous notion that I need to be good at everything or it’s not worth doing. I’m learning that flour all over the counters and floor isn’t a big deal. I’m learning patience and how to give myself grace – all from baking cookies.

^^^ Also how I feel about cookie dough. He gets it from me.

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