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Handmade gifts are often times the best gifts – in my opinion. So are antique hand-me-downs. Lucky for us, we were blessed with a few of both. I have some of the most talented and generous family – and I can’t say enough how thankful I am for them and for their talents that they have so generously shared with Dave and I.

So much of what I enjoy and who I am was molded by these people. My Aunt Jane – she taught me to sew. This gorgeous quilt? Made with love, and in under 2 months, by her as a wedding gift. Scrappy and full of neutral and deep tones, it’s just fantastic. Her husband {my Uncle} Jeff is equally as talented and made us this beautiful stained glass cross. Bet you wish you had one for yourself, don’t you? He also etched on the wine bottle we placed in our celebration box. I wish I had thought to take a photo of it! Bummer.

Grampy and Gramma made me this neat little recipe box for a shower gift. I’ve been filling it with all my favorite recipes I find on Pinterest. I’m old school. I like the act of putting pen {or Sharpie} to paper and physically writing things down. Our internet may crash someday, but I’ll still be able to bake and cook because I’ve got my handy, handwritten recipes. Genius.

Finally, this tool box.

Let me tell you – this tool box has some stories. It was gifted to us by my Grampy, who inherited it from HIS Grampa, who – believe it or not – MADE it. Even more incredulous, Grampy’s grampa was going to BURN the amazing thing. Grampy, who knows a treasure when he sees one, saved it, fixed it up, and made it his own. By the time it was passed into my and Dave’s hands, it was beautifully worn and just the perfect amount of old. Grampy also let us have all the old tools inside it – a trowel, measuring sticks, chisels, a scale, and the niftiest little wood scraper thing – to name a few.

These, among so many others, are the kinds of things you remember and carry with you through the years, making them a part of your own legacy. We promised Grampy we’d pass along the tool box to our own grandchild one day. I think maybe we’ll do the same with the quilt, cross, and recipe box, among other things. If they’re anything like Dave and I, they’ll appreciate the stories that will come along with them.

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