beautiful life || books, wine, and good friends

I’m in a book club. And it’s awesome. We call it MANS Club. Free hugs to whoever figures out our clever acronym. 🙂

All four of us are total book worm, English nerds, so it works well. We often get distracted, drink lots of wine, and don’t always talk specifically about what we’re reading, but, we try to choose books that blend nicely with real life, so at the very least we can fake it. 🙂

Currently, we are reading The Defining Decade, a book about how to make the most of your 20s. There’s a common misconception that your 20s are an extension of your teens, only with more freedom and {hopefully} money. This book argues otherwise. It’s been good for all of us, now in our mid-20s, to read and reflect on what we’ve done “right” so far, and what we could maybe use a little kick in the butt on. I have found a lot of truth in it and it has sparked great conversation. It’s a fantastic book and I highly recommend it! If you ask nicely, maybe I’ll let you borrow mine. 🙂

As I mentioned, wine is distracting, and so are wedding projects and especially a freshly engaged book club member – YAY MELISSA!! We had a wedding crafts and wine party last night, and I won’t even pretend that we tried to talk about our book. No time for that! I’m thankful to have friends I can be silly with at one moment, and sort out real life stuff with the next. I’m also thankful for friends who like to read and craft and drink wine with me. 🙂 Here’s a sneak at what we worked on! THANK YOU so much for helping, you guys!!

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