beautiful life || change is good

Just shy of a 3 year stay, the time has come for a change.

Though so many big and exciting things are ahead, closing the door behind us on our last day in Apt. 104 brought some mixed emotions. I remember when we moved in nearly 3 years ago {it was Apt. 101 then}. Melissa, Amber, and I couldn’t have been more excited. Fresh out of college, we were thrilled for freedom and a taste of independence. Moving into that apartment was the best choice I could’ve made. We were three young women, living on our own and taking care of ourselves. We’d often laugh about how skewed our vision of adulthood had been {you know the one… “ I’m gonna meet a handsome boy my freshman year of college, we’ll date until my junior year when he’ll propose, and then we’ll get married immediately after graduation, and I’ll land a DREAM JOB that pays me tons of money, and we’ll have babies before I’m 25 and live happily ever after.”}, and how thankful we were that our lives didn’t happen that way. Living with Melissa and Amber taught me invaluable lessons that I am forever grateful for. We went through a lot together and we each dealt with very real and sometimes very hard transitions and changes on our own. We laughed and danced and cooked and cried and it was 3 years I will always remember fondly.

Change is good. So, as I look ahead to the many blessings to come, I thank God for these girls and the lessons they taught me.  I learned that it’s really hard to eat all the food you buy before it spoils; that it’s actually not all that scary to sleep alone in the apartment; that getting ready to go to dinner is a lot more fun when you have 3 closests full of clothes to choose from; that you’ll probably never have clean forks; that infrequent vacuuming is really gross when everyone has long hair {but that still didn’t give enough cause to clean toward the end}; and that little trolls MUST sneak in during the day while we’re at work and throw clothes and shoes and pillows all over the floor, because I KNOW that it was clean when I left in the morning. Most importantly, I’ve learned that friendships need to be nutured just as any relationship does, how to be a better friend to others, and the value of having a close support system. My life was made better, not by the little apartments we shared, but by the two people I was blessed to share them with. Amber & Melissa, thank you, and I love you both!

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