beautiful life || it’s a birthday blog!

Today marks day 1 of year 27. Can’t even believe it. I’ve always tried to give myself goals on each birthday of what I’d like to accomplish that year.

In the past they’ve consisted of things like:

  1. Find a job I love. (still need to do…)
  2. Write more letters. (can always be better at that…)
  3. Cut back on sugar! (ha! I love donuts too much for that to ever happen…)

But this year I have just one – to take care of myself. That can mean a lot of things, and in my twenty-seventh year, it’s long time I start doing it.

Today I’m reminiscing past birthdays, looking forward to future ones, and soaking up all the love from my wonderful friends and family. Thank you, all. No matter how old I get, I’ll always love birthdays. 🙂

ps. These are just a few of my favorite birthday memories with some of my favorite people.

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