beautiful life || keeping in touch

Truth: I have never been all that good at keeping in touch with people. I have horrible and typical excuses: I’m just busy, life gets in the way, it takes so much time to call everyone, I’m bad at talking on the phone. Blah blah blah. That said, my mid twenties have been the most significant time of growth I have ever experienced. It’s almost been an out-of-body-like experience, watching myself become who I am meant to be. Watching every mistake, every lesson, every heartbreak bring me to right here. I am certain that my path, though it be winding and filled with detours and roadblocks, is headed in the right direction and representative of the woman I want to be.

Anyway, back to keeping in touch. Part of all that growth has been taking a good look at myself – my actions, decisions, choices, priorities – and seeking ways to be better. Since we recently picked up our entire lives and moved from South Dakota to Colorado, keeping in touch with the important people in my life instantly became so much more necessary. I may think I’m busy and I may be really awful at talking on the phone, but here and now, I am declaring my intention to become better. I’ll send snail mail, make phone calls, send texts, and because I just LOVE this sort of thing, I’ll even send thoughtful little care packages – not all at once, not to all the same people, and not every day, but I WILL do it. Relationships are the frosting that make this plain ol’ cupcake of a life richer. The REALLY good ones are like the sprinkles. {good analogy, right?!} Those relationships must be nurtured, and I vow to be better at doing exactly that.

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