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I like to believe this crab grass isn’t my responsibility. This is, after all, just a rental. Also, those adoooorable flats? Thrifted. $4. I’m good, I know.

Seriously, though. We are obsessed with the idea of buying a house. This renting business is for the birds! I’m so ready for a garden and painted walls. I even like idea of the responsibility of a mortgage. At least we’re investing in something that is OURS. Ya hear me? It’s the same song and dance – “you just throw away your monies with a rental, there’s no investment there!” It’s true. It’s SO true.

It’s part of the nightly routine to look through the realty websites, dreaming and imagining our things and ourselves in the prettiest of old, charming homes. Sweet little Victorians and Bungalows galore, it’s pure torture.

We want a house SO. BAD. I pin homes ideas like crazy. I am going to be so prepared with decorating and remodeling and DIY projects we’ll forget what being bored feels like.

We’re ready to paint and fix leaky faucets and tear up carpet and decorate.

Someday, guys. First things first, get Shanna a job so we can save for a down payment. Know anyone hiring? Tell them to HIRE ME! 🙂

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