beautiful life || spring is actually a real season

Truth: I never really “got” the whole Spring thing. Beautiful weather, budding trees, bright colored flowers – whaaat? Psh. This girl is from South Dakota – the land of no Spring and where Winter lasts October – May, where Spring is just a dirty little tease. I have many, many fond memories of that golden state, but Spring was never one of them.

Colorado, though, feels like an eternal spring. Did we even have a winter this year?! We had a couple weeks of suffering in there – temps dropped below 20! I think it was during those same weeks that South Dakota rejoiced in a heat wave of the mid 20s. It’s sad, but true.

I’m thoroughly enjoying and relishing in my very first real Spring. Did you know Spring is actually REAL? I didn’t. I’m going to have to invest in a Spring jacket. And Spring shoes. And maybe some Spring sunglasses and Spring dresses. SPRING DRESSES, people! I’m planting flowers (only indoors, because we rent our house), going on hikes, watching the trees bloom and grass slowly begin to turn “green.” That’s one downfall of Colorado – nature doesn’t get as green here. Oh well. I’m over it. Maybe I’ll become a runner, too. Spring seems like a glorious time to run outside. And I’m gonna ride my new bicycle with the basket to the farmer’s market and buy fresh flowers and lots of delicious vegetables. Guys, the possibilities are endless with Spring! I feel like dancing and twirling and breaking out in song because Spring is so great.

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