beautiful life || weekends in the mountains

Our first just-over-four months of marriage have been such a wild adventure! Seriously. Moving to a new city, getting new jobs, meeting new friends, attending a new church… living with a boy. {More on that later!} It’s been beautiful and hard and so fulfilling. I often get a burst of “holy moly, wow. We’re actually here & actually doing this.” We can get so caught up in the “next step.” When will we be able to afford to buy a house, when will we have babies {don’t get too ahead of yourselves, we’re on the two – at LEAST – year plan}. But, I’ve been making a pretty darn good effort at banishing those “when-what’s-next” thoughts because right now is pretty incredible.

I never want to boast, but truly, this wild life we’re living is a blessed one. We struggle and cry {okay, I cry}, but more than that we’re growing and laughing – all the time. We’re 26 & 27 years old and living our little dream in the mountains. That’s a pretty great thing.

We’ve been up to a few things since we’ve moved. Mostly exploring and being young and free while we are exactly that. We spend our free time in the mountains, soaking in these beautiful days of being young and married and in love.

Earlier this fall we made the drive up to the top of Pikes Peak. It was breathtaking. We later took a weekend trip to Rifle to see Dave’s Dad and Diane. 🙂 It was a beautiful drive through the Rockies – snow covered peaks, bright yellow and orange aspens, a bright blue sky, our puppy, and my man. A girl couldn’t ask for much else. We spent another weekend at the pumpkin patch. I was worried it’d be all picked over being so late in the season, but NOPE, we found the perfect pumpkins.

Then, my family came to visit for Thanksgiving and we spent the Saturday up in Breckenridge – our favorite Colorado place. It was the first time we’d been there in the winter. It was so beautiful!

We ventured back out to Rifle over a week ago for Christmas celebrations with Dave’s family. It is such a blessing having them so close. It makes missing my own family just a little bit easier. Also, I take a lot of selfies with Brody. I’d apologize, but I have no intention of stopping, so….. yeah. 🙂

It’s a beautiful world out there. It’s been fun exploring it. 🙂 Many, many beautiful things happened in 2013. It was a great year. I believe that even better things are to come though, so cheers to 2014!! I’m ready. 🙂

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