beautiful life || we’re all a little weird

Marriage brings out all the truths about two people. Things you had NO idea about are suddenly In. Yo’. Face. Things you didn’t realize would ever bother you make you crazy. It’s hard to live with a boy. And said boy would say it’s even harder living with a girl.

Dave would tell you I’m weird. In a good way, of course. I think.

I’m messy, hate talking about my feelings, a teensy bit emotional, and have strange priorities. I love my alone time and my days off are spent on the living room floor in front of the TV, binge watching Netflix shows and movies, doodling and surrounded by my Silhouette Cameo, computer, glue guns, fabric, paint, wood, or whatever else I’m crafting that day. I also talk to the dog on those days.

“Brody! Isn’t this just the BEST movie?!”

“Brody! What do you think – blue or red paint for this sign?”

“Brody! How long should I make this garland?”

Many an important crafting decision has been made by majority vote with my dog.

Yikes. I need to get out of the house more.

I don’t really know what the point of this post is – I just had some thoughts and wanted to share them. Sometimes I need to spit it all out on “paper” to make sense of it all. I have ALWAYS preferred the written word over the spoken. It’s easier to edit that way. I think Dave and I would love each other a lot better if we communicated in writing – or at least, if I did. There’s a thought. 😉

This is a list of things about me Dave thinks are weird but are actually pretty awesome in my opinion:

  1. I used a completely shattered IPhone4 for weeks. It was just like the commercial – little shards of glass in my finger, tiny tears every time I needed to swipe. I was due for over 6 months but for some reason I just didn’t care. When I finally did get a new phone, I got a Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini. I cried that night because I couldn’t figure out how to use it. I don’t always do technology well.
  2. Dave thinks having a clean house actually means cleaning it. I think having a clean house means decorating it really pretty so no one notices if we haven’t vacuumed or dusted in weeks.
  3. I have good intentions with the laundry. I just sometimes – okay EVERY TIME – forget to take it out of the washer and move to the dryer. Which ALWAYS results in funky smelling “clean” clothes. Totally normal. Also, I always shrink EVERYTHING. I don’t know how. I’m working on this. I actually got through 3 loads of laundry today and NONE of it smells bad. Success!
  4. Showering is THE. WORST. Okay, maybe not the worst. But, I hate it. So much time and effort. Gross? Don’t care.
  5. Cookie dough is delicious and will not kill you. Salmonella ain’t got nothing on me.
  6. I am ridiculously, annoyingly independent. I’m not sure when that happened. (I’m off to write another blog post on that right now..)
  7. Throw blankets look better thrown than neatly folded. They’re called throws for a reason, right?
  8. If you angle the picture frame differently just to see if I notice, I’m gonna notice.
  9. Less is always more. UNLESS I find a really-awesome-I-can’t-NOT-get-it piece of furniture on Craigslist or at Goodwill. Then more is more. 🙂 There is ALWAYS room, right?
  10. If I find something for a steal, it only makes sense to stock up. Old burlap sacks for $2 a pop? Pshyeah! I’ll come up with something neat to do with them.
  11. I’m a small bit of a hoarder. But I only hoard awesome things. Obviously. Related to 8 & 9: You can never have too many Sharpies, blankets, mason jars, pretty fabric, books, books, & boooooks.

True story. The end.


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