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A week after our wedding, Dave and I picked up everything we had, left everyone we knew, and moved to Colorado Springs. We didn’t have any real plans, and weren’t certain what the future would bring, but by faith and prayer, we made the leap and here we are.

It’s been quite the journey.

We’ve been here for almost exactly 1 month. We’ve unpacked & gotten mostly settled. Dave flew back the first weekend to shoot a wedding reception and I flew to MLPS the next last weekend to work the most beautiful wedding with our dear friend, Lisa. We had one weekend here together and then just this last weekend we flew to Roanoke, Virginia for the. most. beautiful and touching wedding I have ever been to and celebrated our good, good friends, Paul and Bri. On top of all that we’ve explored new hiking trails, took at least 43 trips to the grocery store, launched my ETSY shop, dealt with too much paperwork, done tons of laundry, celebrated one month of marriage with a Maroon 5 show {seriously, best. concert. ever.), debated whether the toilet paper roll goes over or under (over, obviously), summitted Pikes Peak {in our car}, ate huge pancake and waffle breakfasts together, and made the BEST haul at the local Goodwill (huge oil painting that reminds me home for $3? OKAY!).

Then, in a matter of the last week, God has blessed us so tremendously I can hardly believe it. I was offered and accepted a position in Marketing and Sales at the most fantastic local shop in the historic Old Colorado City area in Colorado Springs. Earthen Artisan House is just coming up on it’s 2nd birthday and I am so happy to be a part of the beautiful and exciting things that are happening there.  Truly, this job is a dream. It’s a mix of creative & professional, allowing me to be me and utilize my education, experiences, and God given talents – all in one. I am positively thrilled.

On top of that, Dave has had a handful of interviews, ROCKED them all, AND was offered and accepted a full time position as the Digital Media/Video Production Specialist at Colorado College. It is the. most. beautiful campus, nestled in the. cutest. area of Colorado Springs. He is beyond, out-of-this-world excited. For him, too, it is a dream job and so much more than he ever imagined he’d find – at least right away. He’ll also only be about a 10 minute drive from where I work. {I smell lots of lunch dates!! :)}

No lie.

In short, God is ever present and good. The blessings that have been graced unto us are abundant. We are forever thankful and amazed at the incredible opportunities we’ve been given in such a short time. We prayed and somehow, just knew that Colorado was where we were to be – at least for now. Not that we needed proof, so to speak, but let’s be honest…we’re human, and we needed a little proof that we made the right decision. We did. And the “proof” we’ve been given is so much greater than we could’ve ever dreamed of.

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  1. Looks like a beautiful place to live! You guys have been truly blessed!Too bad we can’t move CO closer to SD! 🙂