begin again

I think life sometimes surprises us and offers second chances, fresh starts, the opportunity to try again, apply what we’ve learned, and do better. Authors write books about it, songwriters sing songs about it. It’s gotta be real.

Speaking of song writers, my main man Barry says it best – “sometimes you lose, sometimes you win, but you begin again.” Oh snap! Wise man that one is.

Just shy of our first anniversary, let me tell ya – year 1 was somethin’ else, ladies and gents. So much adjusting, so much learning, so much forgiving and learning to let go. Daaaang.

I’m excited about all the promise and opportunity year 2 will bring. Oh, I’ve no doubt it will be filled with more lessons. I’ll still be stubborn and we’ll still have to say “I’m sorry” on a daily basis, but we’re getting a fresh start. We get the chance to be  b e t t e r, darnit.

So, in light of new beginnings, we bid farewell to our first home together. A home that witnessed a lot of struggle and a lot of love. A home that kept us warm and safe. A home we danced in, prayed in, laughed in, cried in. A home that was way too big to keep clean and drained our wallets like nobody’s business.

Goodbyes are never easy, but in this case, I’m ready. We’re ready. We get to begin again. What a beautiful thing.

Adios, 2424!!

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