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our new table

I’m about to tell you a story about a table.

Dave and I have spent our 4 years of marriage living pretty modestly. In the time we’ve been married, until VERY recently, we have NEVER both brought in full time incomes at the same time. We’ve spent all of those years in Colorado. It’s NOT cheap here, guys.

This hasn’t been for lack of trying – but due to timing, bouts of unfortunate luck, and just simply… life. We’ve had periods of really difficult financial struggle mixed in with a few moments of extra and goodness. All that to say, we’ve lived on Craigslist finds and hand-me-downs. Nearly everything we own is secondhand. Nearly every holiday has held an agreement that we just wouldn’t do gifts for each other – “just for this year.”

Truly, though, despite this, we’ve lived well. We’ve been able to give our sweet Neeson a great home. I mean, we insisted on buying this place so he wouldn’t have to grow up in a crummy apartment with pot smoking neighbors. We’ve since found that pot smoking and selling neighbors aren’t exactly rare around these parts. ๐Ÿ˜‰ We’ve learned so much during these years of less and I’ve found we’ve gained so much more. We had a very – I mean, VERY – rocky first year of marriage and have spent the three since then learning how to really love and serve each other well. In every single way, being forced to live on much less has been among the best things that could’ve happened to us. In every sense of the word, we’re now a team and I am so grateful for that.

So, FINALLY, for all the birthdays and Christmases and anniversaries we’ve skipped, we got ourselves a new table. The freebie we found in the hallway of our very first apartment three years ago just wasn’t cutting it anymore.

It’s just a table – as we’ve learned that things don’t buy happiness, but also a symbol of how far we’ve come together and how we’ve finally learned to trust each other and God’s timing. It’s a table we hope to carry with us through the years; where we plan to spend many dinners and breakfast and snack times with our boys; where we’ll edit photos and write blog posts and talk about our days and help our kiddos with homework; where we’ll host friends and family for holidays and just because celebrations.

So, maybe this was about a little more than a table. I took these cute photos, though, so I needed a good lesson to go with them. ๐Ÿ™‚


baby prep: letterboard

I am SO READY to have this sweet baby here! I don’t remember being this over it when I was pregnant with Neeson, but this second time is really wearing on me. I just can’t wait to have him here and start settling into our life with two little boys. I know it’ll be crazy, but I’m SO ready!

With just a few DAYS to go, I’m finally starting to think about packing the hospital bag and planning little nug’s welcome home outfit! We also plan take some (a MILLION) photos and make a little video like we did with Neeson’s birth, so I want to have his “meeting baby brother” outfit planned, too!

BUT FIRST, even though everyone and their Gramma is doing it, I NEEDED a letterboard for baby C’s announcement photos. This one from Hobby Lobby was on sale – woop!


37+ weeks

Full term & SO ready to have this baby! Some highlights:

  • 8 days of work left before my leave starts!
  • I still have a couple things that fit. Barely.
  • If I sleep sitting up my throat doesn’t feel like it’s gonna burn right up.
  • Neeson still loves Moana, so no need to pretend I can actually chase him through the park or get down on the ground to play with him.
  • We finally bought diapers. We’re so prepared.
  • Dave has kept the blinds closed for days, so our house has stayed at a solid 64 degrees. Woop!

We’re so ready to meet you, baby C! xo