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woodland park hike

What a glorious greeting the sun gives the mountains. – John Muir

We spent our Saturday hiking just outside of Woodland Park. Neeson LOVES being outside and I didn’t even feel the need to soak my feet afterwards! We had a family picnic in a clearing off the trail, picked wildflowers, and chased the butterflies.

It was a perfect afternoon. xo

clearing the clutter

You may or may not remember – we started clearing our home of extra clutter and stuff before I got pregnant. Then that happened and I fell victim to the exhaustion and nausea for awhile. Now, with just two months until our newest little nugget arrives, I’m finding myself driven by the nesting urge and the desire to continue what we started. Must clean ALL THE THINGS.

Initially, we set a pretty simple goal to start with the kitchen. We were ruthless, and 2 giant garbage bags later, we were finished.

Guys. I’m telling you. This is life changing.

All amped up on adrenaline, we next started to tackle the dining room (the dreaded catch-all hutch, ugh), our bedroom, and finally, Neeson’s outgrown clothes. We’ve since started to go through the garage, front porch, bathroom, and even gone a second round through some of the initial rooms. Rooms that I’ve hated (the front porch!) are quickly becoming my favorites. It’s exciting!

I can’t wait to really start outlining our process here for you. I cant say enough positive things about this shift of mindset and lifestyle. Who has room for all that clutter, anyway? Mental and spatially, I’ve just tapped out and something needs to change. If we’re not working, we’re picking up the house. If it’s not laundry, it’s dishes. I don’t know about you, but I want my free time to be spent with my family, not with the vacuum.

We’ve got a ways to go, but I feel like we’re moving forward in a directly which will offer us a little freedom.

third trimester

This baby’s arrival is right around the corner and I can’t even believe it! Where have the last few months gone?

Pregnancy with a toddler is a completely different thing than pregnancy with just a husband. Pregnancy with a full time job is a completely different thing than pregnancy without one. Pregnancy in the SUMMER is completely different than pregnancy in the fall & winter. When they said that every pregnancy is different I couldn’t have anticipated just how much so. I just said pregnancy so many times I’m now questioning whether it’s even a word.

It’s been a big adjustment for me this time around. I had to Google what trimester I’m in because I can’t keep track. Most days it’s amazing I remember to wear shoes. I left for work the other day without a bra on. THANK GOD I realized it before I was out of the driveway – especially since I work with mostly men. #awkward

If we’re friends on FB you’ve possibly already seen this, but I was just THAT lady in Walmart today, hastily chasing my crazed child & his new toothbrush from the checkout through the front doors before he nearly dove right into traffic. If you think Neeson’s too adorable to ever be naughty, just think of 7 month pregnant me, waddle-running after him as extremely unhelpful strangers look on remarking how “cute” he is.

Lord knows we’re a hot mess over here, but goodness, I am so excited to be a mama to another little boy. TWO BOYS. This whole house is about to get insane, so thankfully, I think I’ll continue to fit right in.