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our greatest adventure, fall 2015

What a difference a year makes! If you thought I was bad about the last photo session from 6 months ago, I’ve been holding on to these for over a year. *face palm*

Neeson was a precious 7 months old here. He was just starting to sit on his own. He wasn’t as quick to giggle and smile for the camera. We were just starting to get to know him and his silly personality. The fun had really just begun!

This was pre- job change. Pre- Dave starting to stay at home. Pre- entire life upheaval. We didn’t know the stress and uncertainty that was about to come, but she sure didn’t know the immense joy either.

What a difference a year makes.

Our friend Tessa, of Tessa J., snagged some of my most treasured memories of my sweet family. If you’re in the PNW and in need of an incredible photographer who will surely and immediately become a friend, you’re in luck. She’s amazing! Tessa, thank you for these. Still, a year later, I am so in love with each and every one. xo

Here are a few of my favorites.


an earth day birthday, Neeson turned ONE!

My little Earth Day birthday boy turned ONE on April 22. Surrounded by the sweetest family and friends, we celebrated our nugget Neeson with cake, gifts, and lots of squeals.

This boy brings so much joy to everyone around him. He is sweet and charming, funny and quick, and kind far beyond his [now] 1.5 years. We couldn’t love him more.

Happy birthday, again (8 months later), Neeson Foley. xophoto-apr-23-12-52-39-pm2016-04-23-15-40-062016-04-23-15-41-062016-04-23-15-42-112016-04-23-15-43-01photo-apr-23-12-52-29-pmphoto-apr-23-12-51-05-pm2016-04-23-15-432016-04-23-15-44-062016-04-23-15-44-102016-04-23-15-45-012016-04-23-15-45-042016-04-23-15-45-062016-04-23-15-47-012016-04-23-15-46-07

our Christmas tree, 2016

Today was so good for my soul. It was the first Saturday of my new schedule. The first Saturday since February that I could just be with my little family at home, free to do whatever we wanted. I’ve had a handful of Saturday’s off since I’ve started my new job, but they’ve nearly all been out of town. Those weekend trips are nice, but sometimes being home is nicer.

We stayed in bed late (8:15am is late these days!), made pancakes for breakfast, played, and then took our time getting ready for our winter photos with our friend, Katherine! I am so excited to share them. Katherine is incredibly talented and just the sweetest, most genuine person you could have the pleasure of knowing. Dave & I both feel so thankful to have met her!

After our photos we picked out the most perfect Christmas tree and brought it home. It’s all ready to be decorated in the morning! I never remember to take enough photos when we do special little outings like this, but here are a few iPhone shots that I just had to share. xo

Processed with VSCO with c1 presetProcessed with VSCO with c1 presetThis little smirk just kills me.Processed with VSCO with c1 preset