the boys’ baby books

I’ve been trying to put some dedicated time into working on Neeson & Copeland’s babybooks. I already can’t remember some of the specifics of when Neeson did certain things for the first time (thank goodness for my Instagram feed, HA!), so I want to try to work on them here and there to be sure nothing gets missed!

I love our books from Mushy Books. They’re modern & simple – all black and white pages & a Sharpie pen writes beautifully on them. I love how these books fit with our overall style – and let’s be honest, I REALLY love how they’re not filled with primary or pastel colors. That’s just not for me. We always try to take advantage of whenever Artifact Uprising does their free prints sales – snagging our favorite recent photos in various sizes. They are printed on a thick cardstock, which is PERFECT for these books. I anticipate lots of little fingers looking through them and these prints don’t get smudged up with fingerprints. There’s just something about printing your photos. It’s absolutely SO much better than just keeping them in folders on your phone or hard drive. It’s crazy to think how quickly the last 2.5 years have gone since we first became parents. Neeson changed our whole world & now Copeland is the perfect addition to this crazy life we’ve built. I’m so grateful to have these books to give to them one day. Assuming I stick to it and actually finish them before they’re dads themselves. xo

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