Thirty four weeks. We could have a BABY in less than 6 weeks. Let’s be honest – we could have a baby in 3 weeks. Or 2. Or 5. Oooorrrr as many as 8. Regardless, our little man will be here SO soon! We are feeling pretty good about how prepared we are. His room is almost entirely finished – woo! Speaking of his room – whoooo wants a nursery reveal soon?! Okay, okay, you talked me into it. SO excited to share his perfect little space with ya’ll. 🙂

We just have a small list of things we still need to pick up before he arrives, like the monitor, wipes, and those adorable little bath towels with the hoods. We’re quickly crossing things off my master to do list and that feels so good. My mom spent the last few days with us and painted our house like a crazy lady! We are SO thankful for how much she did to help us feel like our home is so much closer to being put together and ready for our little man. Side note: she also bought me pajamas. And slippers. AND a bucket to soak my poor feet in. God bless her. Anyway, I realize little man won’t care if all the walls are painted, but it’s just one less thing for us to have to worry about trying to do once he’s here! Also – maybe I should start sharing a room by room house tour, too! Gosh, so many things.

Anyway – our babe is going to be here so soon and I cannot wait to meet him and give him a million kisses and cuddles. I’m especially looking forward to watching Dave be a daddy. I have a feeling he will seamlessly transition into the role, just as though it was what he was always meant to be. It’s hard to imagine loving him more, but I think watching him with our son will change that real fast. How my heart will handle all the love that’s about to come my way, I’ve no clue. I’m pretty darn thankful to have that problem.

I’m a lucky lady.

Oh, here are a few Instagram #selfies of the bump progression. 🙂 If you’re into that sort of thing, I’m @thisidylliclife!


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