california dreaming

We recently spent the most wonderful of weekends in Southern California for my dear friend, Alyssa’s wedding to Nathaniel. It was seriously so so wonderful. The entire weekend was a beautiful reminder of how simple love truly is. I think, at it’s very core, love is about family – both the family we are given and the family we choose. Alyssa and Nathaniel and their incredible families are a perfect example of that. What is this life if it is not spent with those we love? If we are not surrounded by the support, love, and friendship of our families, what, really, do we have? I won’t gush TOO much about that quite yet, though. Be looking for an entirely wedding related post soon. 🙂

When we weren’t enjoying the festivities and celebrating the wonderful couple, we had a few opportunities to explore the Los Angeles area. We spent time at Newport Beach and Santa Monica Pier, and took a nice stroll through a beautiful neighborhood to gawk at the gigantic, gorgeous houses. 🙂

Be it a huge house or a tiny little flower, the buzz of the city or that place where the sky meets the ocean, there’s so much beauty in this world, is there not?

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