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baby prep: letterboard

I am SO READY to have this sweet baby here! I don’

37+ weeks

Full term & SO ready to have this baby! Some

i’ve heard it all

Not kidding. I really think I’ve heard it all

pn magazine, neeson’s birth story

As we anticipate the arrival of our second little boy

third trimester

This baby’s arrival is right around the corner

an earth day birthday, Neeson turned ONE!

My little Earth Day birthday boy turned ONE on April 22

an october sunday

We spent an unseasonably hot Sunday attending our new

neeson, month four

We are well into month FIVE over here, but I forgot to

family of three

No one could’ve warned me how incredible being a

poop face

You know you’re a new mom when you take pictures

neeson, month three

THREE months, whaaaaatt?! Out with little squishy

neeson, month one

An extra perk of motherhood I’m enjoying

neeson, month two

It’s incredible how much can change in two short

happy little home

Our happy home has been indescribably happier these

neeson’s birth story

My sweet baby Neeson – this is your birth story.