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Thirty four weeks. We could have a BABY in less than 6

showered with love

I absolutely LOVE snail mail. The mail comes super

a huge thank you

I’m feeling incredibly grateful and can’t

nesting is real

This nesting thing is real. Dave (and my mom, and all

his perfect little space

To say I have high expectations for Little Man’s

the good & the bad. trimester 2.

It took until about week 17, but by golly I am finally

a shower for little man mccann

I had to say “see ya later!”- for 11 long

the good & the bad. trimester 1.

They tell ya that the first trimester can be a doozy.

thanksgiving, 2014

Our holiday season suddenly has an entirely new meaning

the size of a banana

We have a small bit of news. A tiny, precious, little