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beautiful life || it’s a birthday blog!

Today marks day 1 of year 27. Can’t even believe

beautiful life || funemployment and finding my voice

I always imagined I’d be great at retirement. I

create || argyle outdoor market

“Her heart said, ‘It’s time to create

beautiful life || the newlywed nine

I was warned. I can’t even say I didn’t see

sometimes i do risky things

I like to play it safe. My brother, Corey would tell

beautiful life || a little like dorothy

As a child (and truth be told, still as a grown woman)

beautiful life || ten books i’ll always love

I’m back in South Dakota right now and loving

beautiful life || rental, shmental

I like to believe this crab grass isn’t my

beautiful life || like mother, like daughter

Happy Mother’s Day to all the beautiful moms out

proposal photos

I shared a couple of these photos on my Instagram and

beautiful life || we’re all a little weird

Marriage brings out all the truths about two people.

an ode to colorado

Colorado, I adore you. You are an incredible,

beautiful life || spring is actually a real season

Truth: I never really “got” the whole

love || all i thought i knew & more of what i’ve learned

Disclaimer: This is a raw, real, and personal portrait

stress cookies

I’m a stress eater, and Lord, this has been a