celebration box

Mushy-gushy super cheesy post ahead. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

Sentimental value has been hugely important to us in the planning and creation of our wedding. Weddings are Dave’s job and I just plain ol’ love love, so I’m sure no one is surprised. We found our vision early, and have aimed to keep everything we do in line with it. Sticking with exactly that, we wanted to do something special and symbolic during our wedding ceremony, to celebrate the becoming of husband and wife. 🙂

We didn’t want a unity candle or to pour sand into a vase. Instead, we created a wooden box, using imperfect but strong wooden boards. They don’t align exactly right. There are knots, and the edges are rough. It is well built, and beautifully flawed. This is important to us – as we are exactly the same.

We also made two mason jar goblets and chose our favorite bottle of moscato. They fit snugly inside, surrounded by kraft crinkle paper for padding. On our wedding day, we’ll add letters to each other, and during our ceremony, we’ll nail the top on together. In our future, during a joyous time of celebration {one we have yet to choose}, we will crack open the box, share the wine, and read our letters. Maybe we’ll celebrate closing on our first home, or our child’s first day of kindergarten. Maybe we’ll choose to open the box on the 5th anniversary of our first date, or maybe the 10th, or 25th. We’ll know when the time is right, and we’ll relish in the memories of the day we close the box up and all the days in between.

Ooofta. All mushy-gushyness aside, I’m really excited about this! It suits us and the theme of our wedding so well, and what a wonderful way to celebrate our love and the joy our marriage will bring. 🙂

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