clearing the clutter

You may or may not remember – we started clearing our home of extra clutter and stuff before I got pregnant. Then that happened and I fell victim to the exhaustion and nausea for awhile. Now, with just two months until our newest little nugget arrives, I’m finding myself driven by the nesting urge and the desire to continue what we started. Must clean ALL THE THINGS.

Initially, we set a pretty simple goal to start with the kitchen. We were ruthless, and 2 giant garbage bags later, we were finished.

Guys. I’m telling you. This is life changing.

All amped up on adrenaline, we next started to tackle the dining room (the dreaded catch-all hutch, ugh), our bedroom, and finally, Neeson’s outgrown clothes. We’ve since started to go through the garage, front porch, bathroom, and even gone a second round through some of the initial rooms. Rooms that I’ve hated (the front porch!) are quickly becoming my favorites. It’s exciting!

I can’t wait to really start outlining our process here for you. I cant say enough positive things about this shift of mindset and lifestyle. Who has room for all that clutter, anyway? Mental and spatially, I’ve just tapped out and something needs to change. If we’re not working, we’re picking up the house. If it’s not laundry, it’s dishes. I don’t know about you, but I want my free time to be spent with my family, not with the vacuum.

We’ve got a ways to go, but I feel like we’re moving forward in a directly which will offer us a little freedom.


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