an ode to colorado

Colorado, I adore you. You are an incredible, challenging, beautiful, frustrating, everything-and-nothing-I-ever-hoped-for season. You are new jobs and no jobs. You are amazing friends, rewarding experiences, and unbelievable, only-from-God connections and “what a small world-isms”. Colorado, you are adventures and spontaneous road trips. Colorado, you are a pretty darn good friend. You drive me crazy, but I love you.

Colorado, I am so thankful we’ve met. You are peace, renewal, growth, and joy. I love your weather, your mountains, and your wonderfully scattered pinecones and driftwood pieces that I find on every hike.

Colorado, you’ve inspired me to do great things. You’ve inspired me to push myself harder, to fight for what I know I’m worth, to challenge my capabilities. To love harder and be a better friend. AND to make pretty pinecone hanging mobiles and things.


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