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create || another argyle outdoor market

I could really get into doing these outdoor markets. Minus the rain. I’m 2 for 2 so far with rainy markets. The day started and ended gorgeous, but there was a crazy storm that came through right around 1:30 – pouring rain, a little hail. There was nothing to do but grab everything, throw it to the middle of the tent, and wait. The crowds slowed down a bit after that, but I exceeded my $$ goal for the day!! YAY!

As I constantly add more to my ETSY store and especially after participating in 2 markets, I’m learning so much about what people actually want. I’m also learning that there is a HUGE difference between what people say they love and what they actually buy. After getting many compliments on a custom string and nail art piece last month, I decided to create a few small string and nail art pieces to sell at this market. Two of the four sold immediately! It was nuts. Our mason jar lights are a huge hit at the outdoor markets but I haven’t sold a one on ETSY. Whaaatttt?

I may make myself crazy if I keep trying to to find the rhyme or reason to why certain things sell or don’t sell or through one avenue but not another. I think figuring that out is what makes a business successful, though. Right?! So, if it means success and consistency in selling my pretty things, let the crazy making commence!

For now, pretty photos of pretty things.

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