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“never met a color i didn’t like”

Dave and I spent Saturday in Denver for a day date with Dale Chihuly. Ever hear of him? An incredible, world renowned glass artist, the collections of Chihuly are like nothing you’ll ever see. He is amazingly talented & his use of color… wow. Pair his beautiful art with the natural awe and wonder of the Denver Botanical Gardens and you’ve got a pretty darn lovely way to spend a few hours.

As we wandered, I mentioned to Dave once, “ya know, my Gramma would sure love this.” Unfortunately, Gramma won’t be able to come to Denver to see it, so I took lots & lots of photos for her. (And anyone else. :)) Hopefully she, and you, feel like you were Denver day-dating with us. 🙂


IMG_3344IMG_3345IMG_3348Annnnd, the following photo is what happens when you let a sweet old man take a photo of you. 🙂IMG_3352IMG_3351IMG_3357IMG_3359IMG_3360IMG_3361These orange and yellow ones were Dave’s favorite!!IMG_3368IMG_3369IMG_3370I was loving this pink, squiggly one. That is all GLASS, people!!IMG_3388IMG_3396IMG_3399IMG_3407IMG_3411IMG_3413IMG_3332IMG_3424IMG_3426IMG_3428IMG_3430IMG_3433IMG_3435IMG_3438IMG_3441IMG_3443IMG_3444IMG_3450IMG_3418IMG_3419IMG_3453IMG_3454IMG_3455IMG_3457IMG_3458We also went to Ikea for a couple nighstands – be looking for a new apartment tour soon! 🙂

August 7, 2014 - 12:57 am

Lois Alverson - Truly amazing pictures, Shanna. Thanks for taking them. What a beautiful place to visit. Loved your call this evening. You are the BEST. Gram.

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