diy birch branch ladder

Just over a week out from Christmas, we’ve been blanketed in the most beautiful snowfall. Finally! Dave would normally agree, but he spent 7 hours driving to Breckenridge this morning for the elopement he’s shooting today. That’s normally a 2.5 hour drive. Not to mention its currently 10° there and its all scheduled to be outside. Yikes.

Neeson and I are nestled up at home, cuddling in our jammies and watching Christmas movies, so I thought it was the perfect time to share his little birch blanket ladder. His blankets started out in a basket, but he was constantly pulling them out and eventually ended up with too many to fit. I liked the idea of the ladder to extend the available storage space up. It holds some of his most treasured blankets, including a playful quilt by my aunt Jane. It takes up little to no space and provides a good amount of storage, which is perfect for his small room. The branches are from Grampa Ron’s yard, which is a fun, personalized touch.

What good small space storage ideas do you use and like best? I’d love to hear! xo


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