diy dried orange garland

dried oranges garland’tis the season for Christmas crafting! I’m trying to be a cool mom and offering projects and games for Neeson to do – even though it’s totally so much easier to just give him the iPad. Mommin’ is tough work, you guys. I don’t want his brain to get mushy, so I’m trying to get creative here.

dried orange garland christmas tree bokeh and little boy

I’ve been using fruit in our Christmas decor this year, and it’s so fun! I’ve got pomegranates and pears mixed in the greenery on the mantle and used dried oranges in our Christmas lunch party decor. I’d been pinning dried orange decor to my Christmas Pinterest board like crazy this year and was excited to try it myself by making a dried orange garland.

Drying the oranges was simple – just slice and bake directly on the rack for 2 hours at 250 degrees. Ours were still a bit soft, but it was bedtime, so we made due.

The next morning we strung them with red yarn (it was all I had laying around, ha!). Neeson thought was project was SO MUCH FUN, until about 2 minutes later when he was over it. He also tried eating a slice and was unpleasantly surprised when it didn’t taste like the oranges he knows and loves.


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