diy mercury glass

This is so easy and so cool. Seriously. You’ll wanna run out to Hobby Lobby to get your supplies immediately after reading.

I shared this tutorial on the SD Wedding Style blog back in June. Ahh, so gorgeous!  Mercury glass is hugely popular right now and it works great, not only for weddings, but with so many styles of décor and ESPECIALLY for CHRISTMAS! I just LOVE Christmas.  I wanted a few small pieces to use here and there, but you can use any style or size of glass vase or jar you can find. To create you’ll need:

  • Krylon Looking Glass spray paint
  • Glass of your choosing – mine were $1 or less each at Goodwill
  • Spray bottle with 1 part water, 1 part vinegar
  • Paper towels

First, you’ll want to make sure your glass is clean and dry. Following the instructions on the can, lightly spray the insides of your glass. It can get super runny and won’t work as well {I learned that the hard way}, so make sure you spray LIGHT spurts of paint! It will dry quickly-just a couple minutes. Then, using your water and vinegar mix, spray all over the painted glass and let it soak for a minute or two. The vinegar will start eating away at the paint, allowing you to softly rub away the paint in random, small areas. Get it? If you messed up, just spray some more paint over it and try it again. It will work out. 🙂

Voila!! There you have it-your very own DIY mercury glass. Easy peasy, right?

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