diy mounted antlers

I’ve been wanting mounted antlers for the house for awhile now, but they are ridiculously expensive and just about the LAST thing I’m willing to spend money on right now. Imagine my pure glee when I spotted a pile of them (YES, a PILE) in my dad’s shop while we were back home several months ago! I guess you can’t take the country out of the girl, after all.

Much to his surprise, I began begging for them. Literally, BEGGING. After some tough negotiating, he handed me a shed and the smaller of the two full sets I was bargaining for. Win!

I wanted to create a new mount that added a modern touch to an otherwise pretty rough piece of decor, so my dad and I spent a bit one morning cutting and sanding a beautiful piece of solid walnut from a pile of wood from my Grampa’s old workshop.

Literally FREE and not even a full morning’s work later, I am dying over how fantastic of a piece we created. I rubbed & conditioned the wood with mineral oil, which really helped pop the beautiful grain and its true colors. Finally, I just added some craft moss to the skull portion. Thanks for all your help, Dad!

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