simplifying our life

If you’ve been following along here and over on Instagram for awhile, you’ve likely noticed a trend and a few key words.

Simplify. Less. Declutter.

You’ve probably also noticed some struggles recently. Struggles with the adjustment from 1 baby to 2. Struggles with going back to work. Struggles with what my and Dave’s roles are and struggles with how to manage them. We’ve felt like we’re drowning in parenthood and life lately. Like we have such big dreams and no time to chase them. These days have been hard. So hard.

We’ve been feeling like we need to make a change for awhile now, but these last few months have really solidified that. Something’s gotta give. Whatever it is we’re currently trying to do is no longer working. The weight of it all has been a little overbearing and truly, we know that something has to change in order for us to successfully keep moving ahead. We want to live, not just get by.

All that build up brings me to an exciting announcement! Something we’ve been wanting for years and something that is looking a little different that we planned on, but has ended up being exactly what we need.

We’re moving! We’re getting out of the city and moving our family to the woods. We’re slowing down. Quieting down. We’re all going to take a deep breath and then continue taking them because where we’re going, the air is fresh and cool and clean.

After too many months (years, really) of feeling strapped, heavy, and like we just can’t get ahead (financially, mentally, emotionally), we’ve made the surprisingly easy decision to sell our house. It’s been a lovely house. The first house we’ve really been able to call ours. It’s the house we brought Neeson & Copeland home to. The house N spent his first nearly three years in – climbing up and down the stairs, smudging up every glass window and door with his sticky little hands and face. The house we first learned how to be parents in, and now, the house we’re adjusting to life as a family of four in.

It’s been a good house.

Really, though, as good as the house has been, it’s still just a house. It’s just a few walls and a roof. It’s a place to call home, yes, but what makes a home isn’t actually a place. It’s the people there with you. And honestly? My people need more time together. Our home has recently served just as a place for Dave and I to swap the kids; a place for a quick kiss “hi & bye” as one comes home and the other immediately leaves again; a place to eat too much takeout because there’s no energy for a home cooked meal; a place to sleep, wake up, and start running ourselves ragged again. We need to slow down and we need home to be a home again.

We’ll be moving on from this pretty little house and the ultimate goal is to build a new home – and settling down for good! – in a small mountain town out west. For the foreseeable future, though, we’ll be traveling for our business, going where the weddings take us and living in our new (to us!) camper, which we’ll spend a few weeks renovating at my parents’ in South Dakota. We’re chasing our dreams. We still won’t be able to have chickens (not that we’d want them in a camper, ha), but we’ll get the boys a dog for Christmas some year soon. We’ll eat breakfast and work in the fresh air. When we settle, we’ll eventually plant a small garden and get away from the noise. We’ll have some space for Neeson and before we know it, Copeland, too, to run outside. There will be birds and green grass and glowing aspens come Fall.

It’s going to be glorious and so SO good for my tired heart. I can’t wait for my family to have more time together and I can’t wait to share this entire process with you! It won’t always be easy, but I’m certain that the end result will make it more than worth it.


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