fake cake

Yep. It’s not real. It’s a fake cake!! Why would you ever need to make a fake cake? Well… I’m not sure, but it’s so easy and quick you’ll be making up reasons left and right! I made this one for a styled shoot {I’ll be sharing soon – I hope!}, and was surprised by how fun it was to make. There’s gotta be a reason you need a fake cake. You know you want to try it.

You’ll need:

  • Boxes. {I used two round hat boxes found at Goodwill. You can use whatever shape and quanitity you want!}
  • White lightweight spakling.
  • Frosting {or plain ol’ butter} knife.
  • Hot glue gun.

First, stack and position your boxes how you want them and trace around each box to mark it’s spot. Got it? You need to be speedy with this next step. Ready? Using your hot glue gun, trace just inside your outline {just one at a time – it’ll dry quickly!}, and then stick your box on top, pushing them tight together. Repeat as many times as you need to. I completely forgot to take pictures of this part. So sorry!!

Now, open your container of spakling, stir it around using the knife, and start frosting! Play around with it until you find the frosted look you like best! I wanted it to look a little messier, so I kind of just slapped it on {artfully, of course ;)}. Once you are satisfied with your cake, set it some place safe to dry.

Finally, the REALLY fun part – decorating!! There are so many options. Wrap it with fabric, twine, ribbon, or jute. Spray paint  ombre – woah!  Sprinkle it with glitter! Or, do what I did – leave it as is and adorne with your favorite greenery and blooms! Let me know how you decided to decorate your cake. 🙂

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    • Mari, of course! Personally, I like things a little messier, which is why I did it this way. The sparkle dries fairly quickly, so just work fast to make it as smooth as you want!