family of three

No one could’ve warned me how incredible being a mom is. Sure, you hear it all the time  – “it’s the best job in the entire world!” All I could think was, “okay yeah, but all other jobs allow you to go home at the end of the day; other jobs give you mandatory breaks; other jobs paaaayyy you.”

I had no idea.

The truth is, our home, with my family, is my favorite place to be; Dave (can we just talk for a short second about how sexy it  is when your husband becomes a daddy? All the heart eyes.) happily provides me with any break I may need; and I wouldn’t trade the time I get with Neeson just being his mama for all the money in the world.

Motherhood is better than anything, and my little family of three is more than I ever could’ve asked for. 🙂


photo love: Brianne Nichole Photography

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