Hi friends! I’ve been given such a fun opportunity to provide some photography & social media content for a little shop called Graced, based both online and out of Manitowoc, WI.

I “met” Natalie on Instagram – how cool is that? She posted an ISO on her page, which I commented on. She checked out my IG feed and said I should apply! I figured it couldn’t hurt – I love everything she posts on her feed and thought it would be fun to get involved with a small shop again. Not to mention the plethora of free time I have these days – HA. A few emails and a 30 minute phone call later, here we are! Yay!

Natalie, a photographer herself, commented on how much she loved my photography, which is still so surreal to me. I didn’t really think “my photography” was a thing; I’ve just been having so much fun playing around with Dave’s camera and various lenses, taking photos of my sweet boys – I never really thought I’d actually be kinda okay at it. To be hired on to do a fun job because of my photos, of all things, just blows my mind. So cool!

Natalie sent a package of beautiful items sold by Graced and now I get to play around photographing them in our home. You’ll likely see lots of Graced product gracing my feed – not necessarily to try to sell it (though, PLEASE, do yourselves a favor and give Graced a follow – everything is so beautiful and you’ll surely decide for yourselves that you need something!) – but more so because I am in love with everything Natalie sells!

This black and white Turkish throw is SO soft and lightweight – I’ve swaddled Copeland in it, tossed it on the back of our Eames chair, and Neeson agrees it works perfectly as a cape. 🙂

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