hello, april

Happy Birthday month, baby!!! 🙂

If you told me way back on August 24th, the day we celebrated our 1st anniversary, what the next few months would bring, I wouldn’t have believed it.

If you had told me that the very next day I would not only take an at-home pregnancy test, but that that tiny blue plus sign would show up, I would’ve laughed and said, “nope, no way.”

If you had told me that I, in my own body, would carry a sweet baby boy all the way in to April, I wouldn’t have been able to fathom such a thing.

To be honest, I never really allowed myself to imagine being pregnant. If I’m going to be REALLY honest, I think I was terrified that it would never happen for me. Or, that getting there would be incredibly difficult. I always knew I’d be a mom one day. I grew up knowing I wanted a family and babies to call my very own. BUT, that I would have a beautifully normal, healthy pregnancy? I just could never imagine it. Now that we’re here in April, my sweet baby boy’s birthday month, I find myself overwhelmed with gratitude and anticipation.

My son will be born this month. My baby, who has spent the last 37 weeks and 3 days growing inside my body, will finally be in my arms. Can we just take a minute to really let that soak in? Dave and I will finally be able to touch him. Smell him. Kiss him. Hear his sweet little noises. He will be here and he will be all ours. Forever. They will send us home from the hospital with him, and he will be our responsibility. It will be up to us to make sure he is taken care of and always feels loved. The depth of that incredible honor is not something we take lightly; it is an adventure we are more than ready to accept.

There are just more than 2 short weeks until our sweet boy’s due date. I plan to spend these last days soaking in every minute I can with the two sweet boys I’ve already got. We’re going to spend lots of time cuddling and saying goodbye to our life together as we currently know it. I’m not sad about that, though, because I know that in just a few short weeks, our lives will be forever changed for the better by a tiny little boy who has already completely stolen our hearts. Processed with VSCOcam with b1 preset

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