welcome || this is my idyllic life

Hey there, I’m Shanna! Today is the day! I can’t express the joy I feel in finally getting to share this. My blog has been a serious work in progress. In the midst of planning an almost entirely DIY wedding {more on that in posts to come!} and managing the crazy art of balance in my everyday life, getting everything set up for the “big premiere” was pushed aside numerous times. I’ve had this abstract dream in my head for as long as I can remember {be creative, write stuff, make things, maybe insprire a couple people along the way}, but I was never able to put a tangible name to what I wanted to do. David changed everything for me. For those who know us, you likely know the story of our first “date.” We met for fro-yo after a couple brief Facebook exchanges, neither one of us expecting a thing to come from it, and in those first 4 hours together, he saw into my heart more than anyone I’d ever known. He awakened dreams I’d long tucked away and without even realizing how he was unraveling every sence of security I had, he inspried me to do more, to live better, and to not only follow, but sprint after this dream with the speed of a cheetah. {The cheetah reference is for him in honor of his favorite commercial – “I bet she wishes she were fast.” “Yeah, tape a cheetah to her back.”} Regardless, fear of failing and the simple fact that I had no clue where to start made it easy to keep sweeping my ideas under the rug, claiming “I’m just not ready yet.”

Finally, in a wake-up-call moment I had with myself, {that went something like “Shan, seriously, you’re killing me. Quit making excuses and just go!”} with David’s help and constant encouragement, I took that first step. Really, I’m just a girl with a dream to create and live joyfully, using the talents my Lord has blessed me with. I aspire to love what I do, and for that to be evident in how I live. Thus, this idyllic life was born. I believe in simplicity, contentment, grace, & calm. In design, I am consistently drawn to an eclectic mixture of messy-woodsy and clean-uncomplicated, mixed with touches of uber feminine and a trace or two of a masculine element to balance it all out. I want to be real-always. And real is a constant mix of chaotic and clean, crazy and simple. Everything I do is imperfect & flawed, both in my creativity & in my life, but that’s okay. this idyllic life is so much more than a creative outlet, it’s how I aim approach challenges and triumphs, and the mark I want to leave on this world. Above all else, it is the story of my walk through this wild, beautiful life, with David and the Lord at my side. I hope you’ll join me.

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  1. Hey! How cool! Good for you! I am very proud to call you one of my best friends! Happy you could get it going you sneaky lady! Love you!