i am embrace

Dave and I are Embracers for life. There was never any question of where we would have Neeson dedicated. Embrace brought us together. Embrace remains, nearly two since we’ve been able to regular “physical” attendees, our home church. We love everything about it!

Getting Neeson dedicated at Embrace while we were in South Dakota a few weeks ago was one of my favorite moments of the trip. Surrounded by our family and a handful of friends, our sweet Neeson became a part of the place Dave and I hold so close to our hearts.

We were so happy to have our friend, Chris, do the dedication for us. Thanks, Chris! 🙂

IMG_5484IMG_5494IMG_5497He doesn’t seem to like cake as much as his mama does. Yet. IMG_5502In a funny and random turn of events, we spotted Pastor Adam at Bracco, where we had our reception! We were determined to get a picture, since it still kills me that we didn’t get one with him at our wedding. IMG_5506It’s not every day you get a photo with EVERYONE in my family smiling. Well, except Neeson. But in his defense, he was still figuring out the whole smiling thing at this point. 🙂IMG_5512IMG_5519IMG_5526Annnnd, over it. I’m done, guys – says Neeson.IMG_5529IMG_5532

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