it takes a village to roast a turkey

I learned a few things in our first major hosted holiday. Like: it’s really REALLY hard getting turkey, buns, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole & stuffing done at the same time. Also, turkey tends to cook best when the oven is on the entire time. Just so you know.

Even more than than any lesson learned, though, this year I’m thankful for many, many things:

  1. A big kitchen in which 5 people could mix stuffing, carve turkey, reheat potatoes, mix gravy, & fill the glasses with ice. All at the same time.
  2. Phone calls to Gramma to verify the instruction for the stuffing. And the turkey. And to just say “hello” and “i love you.”
  3. Patience and the ability to laugh when you realize the oven accidentally got turned off mid-turkey-cook-time. And was off for over 100 degrees worth of time.
  4. My brother, Corey for always keeping our wine and beer glasses full.
  5. A beautiful, warm day in Colorado.
  6. Amazing new friends. Friends who stop by in the middle of their own Thanksgiving holiday to bring you an awesome hand mixer and whipping cream because you mentioned once that you didn’t own one and really liked the real whipped cream they made for your Friendsgiving celebration.
  7. The really yummy mashed potatoes we were able to make because of said mixer. Seriously, THANK YOU Nate & Sasha!
  8. Netflix Christmas movies and my beautiful mom’s quirky humor. Me: “how about National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation?!” Mom: “Who’s on vacation?”
  9. A job I absolutely LOVE and don’t mind one bit having to go to for awhile tomorrow. Even while my family is here. Seriously, that’s a huge blessing.
  10. That finallllllllly, after days and days and days of anticipation, it is finally “acceptable” to blast Christmas music, put up the tree, and bake sugar cookies to my heart’s content.

I love Thanksgiving, but now it’s time to get serious about Christmas. 🙂 I hope you’ve had a blessed holiday!

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