i’ve heard it all

Not kidding. I really think I’ve heard it all this pregnancy.

Everything from the age old “Oh you poor thing. You’re due any day now, I imagine?” at just 25 or so weeks. Well, nope. WEEKS to go. Months, really.

Or, “by the looks of you, you better not buy any size newborn clothes for that baby.” Um, thanks? I actually make small babies, so I guess it must just be me.

Or, “jeeze, just look at your feet. Do you realize how swollen you look?” Gosh, no. Really? I hadn’t noticed.

Or, “I swear, you are SO big! I can’t believe how BIG you are!” I’m really glad you mentioned it.

You know what. Eff it. With just 5 weeks to go, my boy wanted another picture with his baby brother so here we are. The belly. In all it’s huge, “far bigger than it should be” glory. xo

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  1. You look awesome. I’m in the heard-it-all club though. “Did you get that big with the first two?” is top of the chart most recently.