airstream speaker replacement

One of my absolute favorite details in our May are our new speakers! The Argosy had 4 originals - 2 in the back and 2 in the front. They, along with everything else original to her, were brittle and yellow and gross. We had some fun ideas how to replace them, but, like everything else, decided to ... Read More

family : the miles | a morning on the farm

Such a beautiful, summer morning was spent with the Miles family! As the sun continued to rise in the sky, we set up under the trees in the yard and I snapped some shots as this sweet family snuggled, looked for frogs, played with bubbles, and tickled toes. Sweet babe had the most hair I've ever ... Read More

how to : taking great photos of your kids

I'm a self proclaimed #momtog. The whole reason I got into photography was because I wanted to be able to take good photos of our boys. iPhones are fun, super handy and can take amazing photos, but I wanted to challenge myself with something better. There are so many little moments and details that ... Read More

may | our airstream argosy before photos

Our May is a 1978 31' Airstream Argosy. We fell in love with her unique character (and the fact that we only needed to drive up to Denver to get her!) We've been working hard to renovate her to suit our family's needs and tastes, which I'll definitely be sharing here, too - but in the mean time, who ... Read More

family : the tonnesons | an evening at home

I spent a calm, overcast Friday evening with the Tonneson family. Though Heidi and I hadn't met in real life until our photoshoot, we grew up in neighboring, small South Dakota farm towns and she and Dave went to college together. We connected on Instagram - so fun, right? - and here we are! There ... Read More

simplifying our life

If you've been following along here and over on Instagram for awhile, you've likely noticed a trend and a few key words. Simplify. Less. Declutter. You've probably also noticed some struggles recently. Struggles with the adjustment from 1 baby to 2. Struggles with going back to work. Struggles ... Read More

A letter to my boys.

Neeson & Copeland. Nug & Bug. N & C. Nuggey & Copey. My boys. I want to share with you some insight to these hazy days, so that one day, when you're both bigger, and you look back and read about how much your mama loves you and how I will NEVER stop fighting for you. How I want to ... Read More

a simple spring table for four

We have had a real doozy of a last week. Life is happening over here, and it's a little wild and a little overwhelming, but we've got our heads high. Isn't it crazy how things seem to happen in clumps? I don't know whether I believe the whole "bad things happen in threes", but they sure seem to ... Read More

motherhood is awesome and hard

This is what 2 years and 10 months of motherhood has taught me. I'm basically a pro by now. It’s really really fun. It’s really really hard. More specifically: The giggles. Our house is an ocean of tiny boy giggles and it's music to my ears. The tears. They aren't often, but ... Read More