simplifying our life

If you've been following along here and over on Instagram for awhile, you've likely noticed a trend and a few key words. Simplify. Less. Declutter. You've probably also noticed some struggles recently. Struggles with the adjustment from 1 baby to 2. Struggles with going back to work. Struggles ... Read More

A letter to my boys.

Neeson & Copeland. Nug & Bug. N & C. Nuggey & Copey. My boys. I want to share with you some insight to these hazy days, so that one day, when you're both bigger, and you look back and read about how much your mama loves you and how I will NEVER stop fighting for you. How I want to ... Read More

a simple spring table for four

We have had a real doozy of a last week. Life is happening over here, and it's a little wild and a little overwhelming, but we've got our heads high. Isn't it crazy how things seem to happen in clumps? I don't know whether I believe the whole "bad things happen in threes", but they sure seem to ... Read More

motherhood is awesome and hard

This is what 2 years and 10 months of motherhood has taught me. I'm basically a pro by now. It’s really really fun. It’s really really hard. More specifically: The giggles. Our house is an ocean of tiny boy giggles and it's music to my ears. The tears. They aren't often, but ... Read More

love: katie & taylor, a snowy engagement

This is Katie & Taylor. They're in love. We'd been waiting all winter for a good snow and had finally given into the idea that it just wasn't going to happen. It's been such a mild winter in Colorado Springs! BUT, the snow gods heard our cry and sent a a huge storm one weekend. Katie and I had ... Read More

a letter to myself: i see you, mama

Mama, I SEE you. You're feeling a little lost. A little frustrated. A little sad. SO TIRED. I see the tears on your cheek; I hear the thoughts you keep only in your head. I know the guilt creeps in and I know how hard that is. I SEE you. You feel like you're drowning in motherhood. You're not. I ... Read More

a new year

Happy New Year! I wanted to take a little break over the holidays to really focus on being present with my little guys & Dave. It's not all that often we get quality family time all together, so I wanted to soak it up! As we head into the new year, I'm so excited for lots of posts and lots of ... Read More

diy dried orange garland

'tis the season for Christmas crafting! I'm trying to be a cool mom and offering projects and games for Neeson to do - even though it's totally so much easier to just give him the iPad. Mommin' is tough work, you guys. I don't want his brain to get mushy, so I'm trying to get creative here. I've ... Read More

lessons in baking cookies

Let me preface this by saying I am probably one of the world's worst bakers. Seriously. I am awful at baking. Early on, after we had just moved to Colorado, I complained to my Gramma about how "hard it is to bake in this altitude" and then outlined all the issues I was having. Turns out you ... Read More