dining room: Christmas

As mentioned in my last Christmas decor feature (you can see it here!), we kept things pretty simple this year. Lots of greenery, some candles and fruit - that's pretty much it. With each passing day, I grow to appreciate simplicity more and more. There is so much going on in our everyday life; I ... Read More

a simple Christmas table

December is the perfect month to gather! And gathering the PERFECT excuse for a beautifully styled table. For this month's design, (if you missed my Thanksgiving table, you can see it here!) I partnered with my friend Beth from Oak + Oats to throw one heck of a little afternoon party. We had so much ... Read More

brand: roots of love

Meet Katie. She is the brains and beauty behind Roots of Love and has starting making beautiful copper jewelry. She is so talented! We spent Saturday afternoon hiking around Garden of the Gods taking some images and video of some of her newest pieces. These are just a few of my ... Read More

6 months of being 30

Nearly six full months after turning 30, I'm beginning to finally celebrate it. I wasn't dreading my 30s at all; in fact, I spent most of my 20s looking forward to it! The twenties were for learning and failing and being poor and all that shit, while the 30s are for having my life together! No more ... Read More

the boys’ baby books

I've been trying to put some dedicated time into working on Neeson & Copeland's babybooks. I already can't remember some of the specifics of when Neeson did certain things for the first time (thank goodness for my Instagram feed, HA!), so I want to try to work on them here and there to be sure ... Read More

sitting room: Christmas

It's beginning to feel pretty Christmasy around here! Except for the fact that it was 64 degrees today, but we won't dwell on that. As we lead up to the holidays, I'm excited to start posting some Christmas decor room features! As I said in my Christmas mantle post, we really want to keep things ... Read More

a christmas mantle

Where has November gone? Where did my maternity leave go is a better question. I want it back. My return to work has been a doozy and it's all I can do not to sit in tears at my desk missing my babies. I've brought Copeland with me the last couple mornings, which has helped both my and Dave's ... Read More

what maternity leave taught me

As we head into the holiday season and my favorite time of year, I find myself at my first day back at work after a glorious and difficult, eye-opening and a little mind-numbing (if I'm being honest) 2.5 month maternity leave. These days were hard and precious, slow and so, SO fleeting. I've never ... Read More

the best life

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! May your day be filled with friends, family, and more food than you can possibly eat. The list of gratitude is a long one this year. Health, happiness, a safe and beautiful home to live in. Jobs that provide, good food to eat. Family and friends, both new and ... Read More