love: katie & taylor, a snowy engagement

This is Katie & Taylor. They’re in love.

We’d been waiting all winter for a good snow and had finally given into the idea that it just wasn’t going to happen. It’s been such a mild winter in Colorado Springs! BUT, the snow gods heard our cry and sent a a huge storm one weekend. Katie and I had originally planned to shoot the following day, but a few quick texts and the luck of some cancelled plans worked together and we were able to shoot as the snow was falling soundlessly across the city.

It. Was. Stunning.

We went into Garden of the Gods Park, where we rejoiced in the beautiful, white blanket that covered every tree & surface in sight. We stayed as warm and shot as quickly as we could, but still ended up coated in snow. We all went home a little soggy, but it was so worth it!

Katie & Taylor, thank you for playing in the snow for me! There are just a few of my favorites. xo

Guys. I’m slowly getting into figuring out how to advertise my work (so weird that I’m seriously doing this), and would love to take your photos! I’m currently offering discounted rates for the first.. oh… handful of people who reach out! YAY!

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