neeson, month two

It’s incredible how much can change in two short months! Our Neeson Foley amazes us every single day.

He coos – oh my gosh!


Look at the way he kicks just one little leg?! SO adorable!

I SWEAR he would walk right this second if he could! He’s so big and STRONG!

He’s SO smart/funny/cute/strong/wise/hilarious/p e r f e c t.

All things people who are obsessed with their baby say on the regular……. or every single day, a million times per day, in our case.

Our Neeson is clearly amazing 🙂 and changing so much right before our eyes. I get what they say now about how quickly it goes. We’ll be sending him off to college before I can blink. Can’t handle it.

Equally as amazing is how much our lives have changed with the addition of our little nugget. For example:

  1. Poop ain’t no thaaang. He pooped on me yesterday – TWICE – and I didn’t even flinch. Also didn’t shower until after the second time. Also pooped on me today. Haven’t showered yet. #momlife
  2. Ice cream, frozen pizza, and the like? Nah, our freezer is all about the breast milk. Woop!
  3. So. Much. Laundry.
  4. I need new makeup and underwear and clothes that fit something fierce, but wanna know what I deemed more important? A pacifier with a puppy connected to it (Wubbanub for the win!) and he LOVES IT. Also, diapers. Always diapers.
  5. Our house is 100% the opposite of baby proofed. That hasn’t changed yet, but I didn’t realize how stinkin’ dangerous this place is until I started imagining our little guy crawling and walking around. Yikes.
  6. Brody’s sleeping space has been demoted to the floor in our bedroom if he’s lucky, the kennel in the laundry room if he’s not. Remember when Brody used to be my baby? I still love him loads, but it turns out he actually is just a dog. Who knew?!
  7. The sun rises REALLY early around here. And hey! I do, too! The amazing thing is, I don’t even mind. He’s so happy in the mornings, so it’s hard for me not to follow the little guy’s lead. 🙂
  8. Criminal Minds is WAY too scary for a child. Why am I still so obsessed with this show?! It’s a problem. Thankfully, this hasn’t had to change yet either; I’m going to relish in the time I have left to watch freaky serial killers shows before Neeson gets big (and aware) enough that I can’t anymore.
  9. A glass of wine at 1pm because the baby’s sleeping and I actually managed to tidy the house and do a load of laundry is seriously a YES. What a win!
  10. The love. The cuddles. The way that little boy looks at me like I’m his sun and moon. The way he holds on to my shirt or hair so tight. The way he makes me want to be better and give him the whole world. These are the best changes of all.

Happy two months to my sweet Neeson, and may our lives continue to be bettered by your tiny (and huge!) presence.


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  1. I love the changes on your blog as you enter into this new season of life of being a momma. Your love for Neeson absolutely shines as you embrace all the fun and not so fun changes a baby brings. Especially the poop…all the poop. 🙂 Love you, friend!